Video Games

These are screenshots and videos from some games I have been working on. I started working in game development in 2000.
Over the years, I have been working for several companies, and seen some failures and some successes.
So far, I have been working as lead, visual effects, engine, tools and level programmer on these platforms : PS4, PS3, PS2, XBoxOne, X360, N64, DS, Wii, Switch.


Some old stuff from 2012-2013.

Mimix VJ Project Samples

These samples are videos from my VJ tool, Mimix. Because of the requirements - .NET 1.1, DirectX 9.0c, a good music library, knowledge of the sound configuration and also of Mimix parameters - I am not offering a link to the program. The videos have been captured realtime though, using either FRAPS or my own video capture code.
Although the server is quite fast, i have placed some short versions of the videos, just in case...


Some old works (around 2003).